Summer Activity Program

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Our Summer Activity Program was launched to promote productivity for students around the community. This is our way of bringing positive encouragement to local students to motivate them to stay active and to do the right thing even behind closed doors. This is an annual program that starts at the end of May and continues to the beginning of August. We also use this program to promote our literacy program by passing out books to students as well as fun prizes to keep them active and busy during the summer.

Summer Bash 2016

Girls Summer  Bash 2016 flyer.png

Our Girls Summer Bash of 2016 consisted of one event for preteen girls. We had the opportunity to speak to girls from around the area and teach them about healthy living. We also surprised the girls with some special guests, the Columbus Lion Dance Team. The women talked to the girls about the importance of exercising as well as how important it is to be involved in the community. They also joined the girls in some dancing as well as helped them with their activity booklets.

Summer Bash Activities 2015


During the summer of 2015, Be A Girl Like Me! Inc. was fortunate to host three events. We had our Summer Bash Kickoff and summer bash, two coed events for kids around the community. This kickoff was the first of three events where we focused on hosting a variety of group activities, games, and ensuring that kids are reading during the summer. Our last event of the summer was an  summit to teach children and their parents about the importance of bullying, how to handle it, and how to prevent it.