Literacy Program

We love education here at Be A Girl Like Me! Inc. and we strive to support it anyway that we can. One way that we help promote literacy is through our book giveaways and donations all year round. So far we have distributed over 715 books and over 2,500 items to local churches, organizations, book clubs, ESL programs, therapeutic facilities, and families. We also giveaway bears to toddlers in promotion of our care, love, and support. The literacy program is our largest program.

Literacy Program.jpg

Be A Girl Like Me! Inc. is all about lending a helping hand in the community in anyway that we can. Here’s the page where we show you how we give back through our donations and community projects. So far Be A Girl Like Me! Inc. has distributed over 680 books and 2,300 total items to students, families, churches, facilities, and other local and surrounding organizations to spread the love of education and Christ in the community.