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Chattin’ With the Girlz is also a vlog produced and initiated by the Founders of Be A Girl Like Me! Inc. (a 501c(3) Christian and multicultural non-profit that sheds a positive light upon what girls should strive to be). This was initiated for teens and young adults to learn, laugh, and love life. The Mobley Girls discuss education, relationships, college, and a variety of topics while offering advice and guidance for those who need the tools.

It’s hard the moment you finally put everything together and realize you just got played. Yes, it happens. A lot of people don’t talk about it, but it happens. But we are here to let you know that it’s a learning experience for us all and you can get through it. Take this moment and learn from it and keep going lovelies! #BeAGirlLikeMe

Being an adult is a lot harder than what you would think it would be growing up. Here’s video dedicated to being an adult and all of the things that people forget to mention that you still do. There are a lot of things that you think you won’t do as an adult so here’s an eye opener for you! What are some other things that you cant think of? Comment below and please subscribe! #BeAGirlLikeMe

Congrats Grads!!! You made it! You just achieved an amazing milestone in your life, now what? Life after high school can be filled with a variety of emotions, thoughts, and worries, but it’s all normal. So that’s why we made this video especially for you to share with you some things that no one tells you after you graduate. What are some other things you can think of? Comment below! #Chattinwiththegirlz #BeAGirlLikeMe

Today we are going to talk about the main differences between High School Musical and High School in Reality! What are some differences you think of? #HighSchoolMusical #BeAGirlLikeMe

We have all had that experience when an older person comes up to you and asked an inappropriate question. You’re left speechless and like what do I say to that. Well that’s today’s topic, has someone asked you one of these questions? #BeAGirlLikeMe

We all know that one person that likes to ask five questions but doesn’t allow you to answer not one. That’s the topic of our Pet Peeves Episode today. And stay tuned for a good one Friday at 5!!

 We don’t wanna grow up!! Yes, growing up is hard. There are a lot of sly ways parents can easily show you that you’re getting older. Here are some signs that you know that you’re getting older when you have these experiences. #BeAGirlLikeMe

Don’t you hate it when people ask obvious questions? Well today that is part of second pet peeves episode. What are some obvious questions someone has asked you? #BeAGirlLikeMe #PetPeeves

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who tried to one up you with everything you wanted to say? Or that person who wants to one up you when driving? Yea, we know! Feel free to watch this episode, like, share, and subscribe! #BeAGirlLikeMe

Don’t you just hate it when someone volunteers to do something and comes back with a bill? Who does that? Well, that’s the topic of our first Pet Peeves episode. Check it out, share, subscribe, and comment! #BeAGirlLikeMe #Petpeeves

Hello!! Today is the big day that we deliver the prom kits!! We are excited and nervous but running a little late. Will we make it in time? You will also get a chance to hear our thoughts about our prom looks and Toya’s hidden talents. Check it out to see if we made it in time!!! #BeAGirlLikeMe #Vlog

Are you going to prom? Here’s some advice! Every girl deserves to be a princess and every guy deserves to be a prince especially that night! Please watch this video, share, and subscribe for more! If you have any video suggestions or would like some advice in future videos let us know by commenting below! #BeAGirlLikeMe #Prom #HighSchool

Check out our promo for our newest segment coming next month! #BeAGirlLikeMe #PetPeeves

New episode is up in the spirit of prom. Feel free to watch and learn about my senior prom experience, interesting but a learning one for me. I hope that this message can reach so many high school girls and guys to know that you only have senior prom once! Our next video will be some advice for them as well. Feel free to watch, share, and subscribe! #BeAGirlLikeMe

A new episode is finally up for the week. This week’s episode was the time we went to see Hidden Figures and our thoughts after seeing the movie. I also think this is a perfect discussion since this is also International Women’s History Month. Feel free to watch and see what we think and how we got a chance to see the movie for free!! #BeAGirlLikeMe

We’re going back to high school. We’ve had enough of this adulting thing and we are done! LOL Just joking we are getting ready for our second annual project prom giveaway. We take this time out to go to a local high school(so far our alma mater) to give out essential prom kits for senior girls to use for prom. So you get a sneak peak as we leave and we discuss what we miss about high school and some major differences between high school life and college life. Enjoy! Feel free to like, share, and subscribe!! #BeAGirlLikeMe #HighSchool

Stank attitudes are contagious! Consider others and think twice. Feel free to like, subscribe, and share our newest video. And remember, we always have bad days! #BeAGirlLikeMe

It’s Friday and time to celebrate with a vlog!! I have a morning rant and Toya plays stack attack with one of her students. Enjoy #BeAGirlLikeMe Did you enjoy your Valentine’s Day?

What convos do two snackaholics have when shopping? What do we think of the SuperBowl? Check it out in our newest video!! #BeAGirlLikeMe #ChattinwiththeGirlz

Hey Guys here is a fun game that you can do with your friends during your free time. Of course, this does not determine anything, but something fun to do to belong the time. Remember you are awesome and beautiful no matter what! #ChattinwiththeGirlz #BeAGirlLikeMe

Check out part 2 of “Things you do when you have crush” on YouTube! We had a blast filming and we know you will have a blast watching. Don’t hesitate to share this with your daughters, nieces, friends, sisters, everybody!!!! #ChattinwiththeGirlz #BeAGirlLikeMe
P.S. We give really good advice to girls and guys about the importance of education before anything else. Our mother loved telling us, “Boys and books don’t mix!”

Check out our first Chattin’ with the Girlz episode of the month “Things you do when you have a crush” part 1. This video is for all of our middle school girlies, teens, and young adults who are going through this as of this moment but no matter how old you are, anyone can relate to these right? If you have a daughter around this age please feel free to share these videos with her. This vlog is to bring guidance, christian and educational advice to those who might make the same mistakes we did! So check us out, share, subscribe, and laugh!!! #Chattinwiththegirlz #BeAGirlLikeMe

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