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Down On My Knees by Victor McGlothin

“Similar to the story of how I found the book “Chosen,” I found “Down on my Knees” at the same Dollar General weeks later. I purchased this book for $3 and began reading it this past month (January). Both the title and the cover of the book had my itching to read it. So, I literally stopped reading another book to start on this one and boy!!!!!! This book was definitely different than how I thought it would be. I usually read Christian, African American novels that are pretty clean to say the least. This is a Christian, Romance, African American novel. When I say romance, I mean ROMANCE. In other words, there are a few scenes in this book that may make a modest Christian blush! I first discovered this after reading the first three pages and the author just dove right on in. I was also a little surprised at how Grace was not only having relations with one guy, but two? Okay, wow!!”

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