My Roommate Keeps Taking My Stuff!!

You come home after a long hard day at work and school. You are tired, hungry, and ready to enjoy this beautiful Friday afternoon watching some Netflix and eating that nice slice of chocolate cake leftover from Niki’s birthday dinner last night. You unlock the door, greet your roommate, throw your bags on the floor, and run straight to the fridge. Your mouth is watering, your taste buds are ready, and your stomach is yelling for something! You open the fridge and move the baking soda to the side on the last row only to find….

your cake is GONE!!!


You: Hey Stacie, have you seen my slice of cake from last night’s dinner?

Stacie: Oh yeah, I ate that an hour ago. Good grief that cake was so good. That icing was thick as ever! I have to go back to that restaurant again.

You: Dude that slice was for me! You had like two pieces last night. REALLY!?! (Your heart sinks as you’ve been waiting for this one moment all day)

We feel your pain 😦




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