Why Do I Feel Behind?

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There are and will be a lot times that you will work so hard in school and at work and wonder why everyone else is 10 steps ahead. You feel like the work that you are doing has no benefit and you’re just that one person lagging behind everyone else and their achievements. I know one cause of that is social media. Social media is great when it comes to talking with old friends and connecting with family across the country. On the other hand, it can hinder your emotional, mental, and spiritual development as you go through life. You are constantly looking at everyone’s achievements and see how they are getting married and starting a family and you think, “I wish I had that.” It’s all part of growing up and getting older. There will be friends that will appear to be 10 billion steps ahead and everything looks like life is so smooth for them, but it’s really not.

One thing that we fail to realize is often we forget that we are all living this thing called life. Life comes with so many ups, downs, good days, and bad days. And one thing I do know for sure is that everyone does not look like what they’re going through. That’s the crazy part about it. Sue isn’t going to post every single harsh part of her day on social media because that will interfere with the great, lovely, life she is displaying. So instead of focusing on all of the bad things, she may focus on a few. Then when you start your weekend and find yourself going through obstacle after obstacle, you’re thinking, “Sue didn’t struggle like this.” In reality, she did. She just did not post that on her social media page for you to think that.

Long story short, we all have struggles. We all go through bad times and harsh seasons. And most of all, we all have those moments of feeling behind, confused, and lost. BUT the one that forces me to realize what I have is looking at what I have. I think about the beautiful family that God has blessed me with, the opportunity to go to school and learn everyday, and knowing that God has created me, ME and has a great plan for my life. Those things are what makes me feel like I’m right where I need to be and I want you to do the same. Look at all of the wonderful things God has done for you and look at where you are now. I bet you have grown into a wonderful person filled with so much talent. I bet you are so super smart and has a smile that brightens up a room. I bet you have so much potential to do the most amazing things. That what makes you right where you need to be.

Don’t worry about where everyone else is because they don’t live the life you live. You are in charge of that life. And most of all, you are where you need to be to grow and be successful in your life. So don’t worry about feeling behind, but it is normal to have those thoughts. But think about where YOU are in YOUR life and that should remind you of all of the beautiful blessings God has in store for you!


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