Farewell to Gettin’ Played

As you can see this is our last episode of the “Gettin’ Played” series. You can view the rest on RealTalk Series here on our blog or on our RealTalk Playlist on Youtube.  We wanted this series to be straight forward and cover all the grounds of getting played whether you are just talking to someone, dating, or you’re in a relationship. The one thing that we’ve learned with this is that it can happen to anyone. No one is exempt from it because when you’re dating anything can happen. So feel free to check those out and remember this is your life. You make the final decisions whether to pursue this relationship, stay in the relationship, or give the person another chance. Just keep in mind that every decision has consequences both good and bad.

Your decisions are made by your parents a lot growing up. But when you are a teenager or young adult adjusting to making your own decisions can be difficult and scary. That’s why we are here for you. We understand that it is hard and we know how it feels. So please consider all of your options. Talk to a wise accountability partner, but at the end of the day make your own decision based on what you want for your life. And if it turns out to be a mistake, keep in mind that we all make mistakes every single day. Just get back up, dust yourself off, learn from them, and keep on going. You so got this!!!


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