What Motivates Us to Give Back?


We had the wonderful opportunity of donating some school supplies for United Way of the Chattahoochee Valley Stuff the Bus drive. Join this awesome campaign and donate to help local students get all of the supplies they need for the new school year. They are taking donations until July 27th or when you have dinner at a local Little Caesars, you can donate 50 cents for every $5 you spend.

There are a lot of times you stroll through your Facebook page and see that post of someone in line who paid for the customer’s meal behind them. We find this awesome and it really motivates us as we go throughout our day, but what really motivates us to give, is how far we’ve come.

There were times when the school year was about to begin and we both remember our parents looking at that long list trying to figure out how they would get everything. We found that marking the most important things and getting the lesser important things later was the solution. Yes, it helped, but the little things for later never came. Our parents worked very hard during our childhood years, but the change in time, rising prices, and long list of supplies was too much to bear in addition to their own bills. Don’t get us wrong we always had what we needed, but the school year served like more of a burden for our family than a momentous occasion. This is what motivates us to give.

Not people on Facebook showing what they’ve done for the holidays.

Not the incentives local groups advertise.

But because it’s what we love doing. Giving back to our community gives us a chance to help those who are struggling with the same circumstances or worse. We give back because we know that if we don’t lead the way, nobody else will. We give back because we want others to understand how important it is to help one another.

Our community needs us and if we don’t help, why should we except for others to do so.  Let’s teach our youth how important it is to give back.

And for those who have similar stories, please understand that you’ve witnessed this firsthand. Because of this, you know how it feels so let’s prevent other kids from feeling what we felt in moments like this. Going back to school should be a moment for our kids to be excited about the new year and growing up. This shouldn’t be a time for them to worry about the things they don’t have on the first day.

So, please remember, giving back starts with you!


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