You will win in the end!

You will win in the end.

There are and will be a lot of times when we go for something and try so hard to get it, but God decides that, that wasn’t fit for our lives at the moment. You feel discouraged, disappointed, let down, and just bad right? It happens to everyone and I think that’s the part that we forget at the moment. Not everyone wins all the time and no matter what it looks like from the outside, it’s not like that on the inside. Even the biggest athletes can tell you that in a heartbeat. What determines your success is not the number of victories you have but your mindset to keep going. Your endurance and perseverance are what determines if and when you succeed. Don’t look at what others have, just keep going. For those of us that do things the right way, it takes us longer to succeed, why? Because we are doing the right thing and we are going down the right path. When you do things the right way, it automatically takes you longer to win because you are doing things right.  It’s okay though because in the end, you got this and when you get the victory, the win will be sweeter than honey! You got this 🙂 #BeAGirlLikeMe #GOFORTHEGOAL #YOUAREAWINNER



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