Unsung Hero-Moss Kendrix

Moss Kendrix

Moss Kendrix is another Unsung Hero that we would like to honor today. Moss Kendrix excelled in the field of Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations. He was drafted in the army and served local places like Fort Benning. He chosen to help the Liberia with their Centennial Celebration for Public Relations. After coming back to the United States. Mr. Kendrix started an advertising and marketing firm with some partners and later created a PR firm of his own. He used his old accounts to gain new clientele for his new PR firm including Coca Cola. At the time, Coca Cola was competing with Pepsi and needed something to really put them over the mark. So Mr. Kendrix initiated the Coca Cola scholarships and the marketing Coke to the African American community. He is the reason why we have African American families and individuals in commercials, on billboards, and in advertising all over. #BlackHistory #AmericanHistory #BeAGirlLikeMe

Info and Photo credit: http://www.coca-colacompany.com/stories/consuming-america-moss-kendrix-coca-cola-and-the-making-of-the-black-american-consumer




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