Unsung Hero-Harriet Ball

Harriet Ball


Harriet Ball was a public school teacher for over two decades. Mrs. Ball was known as an “edutainer.” She was an entertainer and an educator for her students. She created different songs to help her students remember key concepts in math, history, geography, and more. Two other teachers at the time overheard her teaching and singing with her students when they needed help. They went across the hall to get help to teach their class. The two teachers later created a network of KIPP charter schools. Their name comes from one of Harriet Ball’s songs “Read Baby Read.” The KIPP schools now educate over 27,000 students with Mrs. Ball’s teaching methods and songs and they have over 99 schools across the United States. Mrs. Ball stated that there is no such thing as a low performing school, they are just under taught.

Info and Photo Credit: http://scholasticadministrator.typepad.com/thisweekineducation/2011/02/people-rip-kipp-inventor-harriett-ball.html#.WLJJfn9sQfI


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