Day of Kindness Shoutouts

Today is Be A Girl Like Me! Inc.’s 3rd Birthday as well as our Day of Kindness. We will be giving shout outs to local individuals and groups that have shared kindness within the community to those they know and don’t know. Our first shoutout goes to Amelia Woyke who loves to make surprise treats for her fellow classmates for the holidays and at random. She is known for making anyone and everyone’s day special with surprise notes, treats, and other little sweet things to make someone smile. This past Tuesday Amelia surprised all of her classes with goodies bags of cupcakes and candy sound treats to in celebration of Halloween. You are super awesome Amelia and thank you for putting smiles on the faces of your classmates and your teachers. Keep up the awesome work. When asked how she loves to give back, she states she doesn’t do it for gratitude but for the fun of giving back. Thank you for showing girls how awesome it is to be a girl like you! #BeAGirlLikeMe #3rdBirthday #DayofKindness


Our second shoutout goes to local group the Ladii Luckk Sisterhood, a group known for doing various things to help local families and students. They are known for distributing food and other necessities to those in need. Keep up the awesome work ladies and thank you for spreading Kindness in the community. Thank you for showing girls how awesome it is to be like you! #BeAGirlLikeMe #3rdBirthday #DayofKindness


Our third shoutout goes to a local nonprofit, “Children Are My Angel’s.” The organization teach “our youth to always give back to the community, self respect, respect for other’s, never judge, self motivation personal development and growth.” Thank you for spreading kindness to our local youth and putting smile on the faces of families and local students! Keep up the great work! #BeAGirlLikeMe #3rdBirthday #DayofKindness


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