Celebrating 3 years of Diamonds


Today we celebrate our diamonds near and far. Be A Girl Like Me! Inc.’s Diamond of Success Program is our most prestigious program. We recognize wonderful working women around the community not only for the difference they make in the community, but also for their character. They lead by example without anyone telling them to. They love to serve others through their career and character. We acknowledge a diamond once a year. And these diamonds are to have over 10 years of experience and need to be over the age of 35. This is done because of the amount of experience that they have to share with the youth as well as our young adults. But we recognize any wonderful working women like today. Thank you to all of our Diamonds out there who are working hard and making a difference in their workplace and their community. Below is a picture of the diamonds affiliated with Be A Girl Like Me! Inc. Below are pictures of presidents, television and radio show hosts, instructors, an international model, and a board member. Thank you diamonds!! #BeAGirlLikeMe #Diamonds #3years #Birthdaytomorrow


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