Conversing with One of My Favorite Authors!


I actually don’t remember when or how I got this book. For all of the books that I had when I was little, my mom would write my name and how I got them. We still don’t know how I got this one, but this book stuck with me growing up. I read it every chance I got. Not only did this little girl identify with this eager brown girl just full of excitement, but I identified with the fact that she was so happy to do something for someone else. If you don’t know about this book, Yvette and her dad are getting ready for her mother’s birthday and throughout the book they plan every detail from the cake to her gifts and decorations. It always brought a smile on my face to see this character who looked and acted just like me!

I found this book cleaning up a few weeks ago. I decided to look the author up and found her website. Well, the curiosity in me motivated me to write the author Helen Ketteman and she wrote back the next day!!! I was so excited, she told me about her time growing up in the south in the 50’s, and vowed that she was going to take a stand and break barriers even as a young girl. She mentioned that this was the reason why Yvette was a happy African American character who was living a normal life. She wanted her audience to see that!

I found out that Yvette was me. Yvette grew up and started a nonprofit to motivate girls just like her. Yvette is striving for others to see the value in giving and that’s just what she is doing. It’s amazing how one children’s book can have such a huge impact on a child. That’s what I want for other children. I want to pass out books and ensure that, that a little Yvette finds herself in a book. I am so grateful for how I got this book even though I don’t know how I got it. I’m glad that I got. Just wanted to share that and if you read all of this I love you! #BeAGirlLikeMe#JesusGirl#Psalm91#Stillpraying

From Founder Ariel



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