Summer Reading Logs for you!

Read, Read, READ! We want everyone from the children to their parents to be reading this summer. If you are a student to the school district please go to MyOn and start an account where you will access to thousands of virtual books. Local schools are also having incentives where you read a certain amount of books and keep a log and you will be able to attend a party when school starts. The one issue that is arising is that with many local groups starting reading programs, children are reading books that are lower than their reading level to finish faster.
As part of our Literacy Program, we have joined the “Get Georgia Reading” Campaign to help ensure that students are reading on their grade level. So when we are distributing books especially at our events we will hand deliver them to each child to ensure that they receive the books to practice reading on their level. We have also started a Reading Log that any of you can download for your whole family to record the books that you are reading this summer. Happy Reading!! As always stay awesome and beautiful! And remember we love you and Jesus loves you even more! #BeAGirlLikeMe #Read #Summer
You can download Reading Logs Below!

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