National Day of Prayer

national day of Prayer.png

Today is National Day of Prayer! Yes we need to embrace this beautiful day for what it is and pray today. Let’s pray for every girl that is insecure, let’s pray for every family, let’s pray for the schools and for our children to be protected from all hurt and harm, let’s pray for our nation, let’s pray for society which tells girls that they need to look and be a certain way to be beautiful. This nation needs prayer. We need to pray. Prayer is what’s most important. Pray for Be A Girl Like Me! Inc. that we can reach girls and women and show them their worth. Let’s pray that we can give them the resources they need for a better life.

Lord Jesus,
We ask that you reach out to every heart reading this prayer. That these individuals will feel your love and presence and that they will listen for your voice. We pray that every individual will feel compelled to reach out to others to spread your love and your gospel. That they will follow your path of obedience and guidance. Lastly, Lord we ask that you surround our youth, near and far. That they will learn of your word to do what is right and to see that they are fearfully and wonderfully made by you. In Jesus name, Amen.

Photo Courtesy Spreading God’s Love One Heart at a Time


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