Monday Motivation for you!

Monday Motivation!

Here’s some Monday Motivation for all of you in honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day which was held March 8th. In honor of recognizing all working women, we would like to share what Mrs. Cynthia Wohlford Frey stated about her good friend Mrs. Belinda Wohlford Brewer Montgomery.

“I nominate Belinda Wohlford Brewer Montgomery who was the first of our family to become a sign language interpreter. She has mentored innumerable up and coming interpreters, helped write the Alabama interpreter law, loves and advocates for deaf people, can interpret anything, including any kind of play, song, court case, medical procedure I could go on. (She’s also the best sister anyone could ever have.)”

We wanted to share this to show that there are Diamonds everywhere. Today we honor you Mrs. Belinda for all of your achievements and hard work. We love you and thank you for all of the wonderful things that you do to lay the foundation for us diamonds in the works. Your hard work is what paves the way for us to succeed in our careers thanks to all of you.
Special thanks to Mrs. Cynthia Wohlford Frey for sharing with us. You are a special diamond to us as well! ‪#‎BeAGirlLikeMe


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