Surprise coming this Thursday!

“Don’t let nobody tell you, your life is over,
Be every color that you are,
Into the rush now,
You don’t have to know how,
Know it all before you try.”

If these lyrics sound familiar to you then you will be super happy when you hear what words they want you to know. During the week Aly and AJ also known as “78Violet” went through their page and answered questions by their fans. (And by the way they are super sweet!) You’ve probably seen them acting in a few movies and some films lately. Either way if you know “Rush,” “Potential Breakup,” and remember the movie “Cow Belles” from Disney Channel you most definitely won’t be disappointed. So visit our page this Thursday to see what awesome words of encouragement they have for you! As always stay awesome and beautiful! And remember we love you and God loves you even more! ‪#‎Beagirllikeme‬‪#‎Goforyourdreamsin2016‬‪#‎Encouragement‬

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Aly and aj.jpg


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