A good challenge for you!

Thanksgiving challenged

Okay it’s Saturday right before Thanksgiving. Come to think of it, it’s the end of 2015 already. 1 more month and it will be 2016!!!! Can you believe it? We want to encourage you today. We want you to do something. We challenge each and everyone of you to do something different. And by that we mean something different that is good. If that means that you reach out to someone and lend a helping hand outside of the gas station, or give a donation to a Gofund me account for a family in need or a sick child. Do something different this Thanksgiving that will make this week so memorable that you never forget it. We want you to be inspired to just go for it. Don’t let fear stop you. There’s someone out there that needs you. They need some encouragement and they need some inspiration. We believe that you are meant to bring it to them. So do something different. Something different that’s good and make this Thanksgiving the best one yet!! Are you ready for the challenge? As always stay awesome and beautiful! And remember we love you and God loves you even more! ‪#‎beagirllikeme‬ ‪#‎bethankful‬ ‪#‎challenge‬ ‪#‎bekind‬


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