Our First Award!



We were nominated by swajithkas for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”. Thank you for nominating us. We feel very honored! Feel free to follow swajithkas’ blog by clicking on this link: https://quotationsidiomsproverbs.wordpress.com/

7 things about Be A Girl Like Me!

1. Be A Girl Like Me! Inc. is a Christian and diverse organization.

2. The organization was founded October 27, 2013.

3. We aim to help girls and everyone with their confidence and growing their Christianity.

4. Our colors are purple, pink, lime green, and light blue.

5. Our theme is “Welcome to the B.A.G.L.M. full of girls just like you and me. We hope to inspire you each and everyday!”

6. Our motto after every post is “Stay awesome and beautiful. And remember we love you and God loves you even more!”

7. This is our first award, EVER!

We would like to nominate:

1. Spreading God’s Love One Heart at a Time

2. Full of Roses Inspirationals

3. …and here I go.

4. Teen Girls that Write

5.  Beautiful Hello

6. Keona Wellness

7. glamourandgloss

8. Faith and Footsteps

9. Clicky Chick Creates

10. Kindness Blog

11. briana (Manhattan Madness)

12. Young & Twenty


14. Insidethelifeofmoi 

15. All For JESUS


About beagirllikeme

Be A Girl Like Me! Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Christian and multicultural non-profit organization that sheds a positive light upon what girls should strive to be. Our goals are to provide not only girls but everyone with the proper motivational resources to succeed in all areas of life. While promoting great health and education, we want to shape and mold girls into what they should strive to be like. We would like for the girls to see not only the beauty of what God has provided us on Earth, but the beauty within themselves as well. You can email us with any questions, stories, or suggestions at BeAGirlLikeMe@gmail.com .
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9 Responses to Our First Award!

  1. swajithkas says:

    Congratulation for creating wonderful post; it gives me immense pleasure to read your post.
    Only one points, which needs little bit correction; If you have created hypelink on the all bloggers name, it would be much more beneficial, because, through, creating hyperlink, you are giving your readers opportunity to read their work.
    For further study, once again, please my “AWARD” post, as you know, I have created “Hyperlink’ to all the bloggers so, from there readers can straight way go there.
    Wishing you all the best………………………………..

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  2. Thank you so much for my nomination 😀

    And a big CONGRATS on your 1st award!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. TeenFaith777 says:

    Awww thanks!!! I’m glad you are blessed!
    GOD BLESS YOU!!! 🙂


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