Remembering Dr. King

Today we are celebrating the Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday.

Here at Be A Girl Like Me! Inc. we would like to remember and honor this Man of God for all of the wonderful things that he has done for our nation. Dr. King was an educated man who believed in the power of doing the right thing. When we look at his life, he was often mistreated by several people for doing the right thing. We want you to know that even though you may do the right thing, everyone else might not like it. You do you. Believe in yourself. That’s what Dr. King did and look at how successful he was. If he did not believe that he could make a difference, he wouldn’t have turned out to be the way he was. So today when we think of Dr. King’s holiday, don’t just think of having a day off. Think about all the great things he has done to make a difference and legacy to last decades. So the question is do you want to make a difference? It starts with you. As always stay awesome and beautiful! And remember we love you and God loves you even more! #beagirllikeme

Photo Credit: Words to Live by



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