Get ready!

It’s getting close to the time for most everyone to head back to work and school. Don’t forget our theme for this year. You have to believe in yourself if you want to succeed! When you head back to work and school we want you to know to give it your all. Like 100,000% When the teacher tells you to write a paper over your break, start off on the right foot and make it the best paper you’ve ever written. Head back with a smile on your face. You are God’s princess. Let your light shine wherever you go. You are a gift from God! You are special. So when you go back do your best, be your best, and show the world what you’re made of. And again, believe in yourself. As always stay awesome and beautiful! And remember we love and God loves you even more! #believeinyourself #beagirllikeme #awesomenessalert

About beagirllikeme

Be A Girl Like Me! Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Christian and multicultural non-profit organization that sheds a positive light upon what girls should strive to be. Our goals are to provide not only girls but everyone with the proper motivational resources to succeed in all areas of life. While promoting great health and education, we want to shape and mold girls into what they should strive to be like. We would like for the girls to see not only the beauty of what God has provided us on Earth, but the beauty within themselves as well. You can email us with any questions, stories, or suggestions at .
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6 Responses to Get ready!

  1. swajithkas says:

    Each post in this blog is just wonderful, well written, mind boggling and thought provoking!
    Though, it is written solely for the girls but it inspires to all section of society; irrespective of their gender(girl/boy; male/female); whenever I will have a spare time I will definitely come back to read such a motivational, inspirational & encouraging post!
    Keep the good work you people are doing & please accept my heart felt well wishes for new year to all of you and all of your readers.

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    • Wow! Thank you so much! And that’s part of our goal is to inspire girls but mainly EVERYONE as well! We want people to be encouraged in all aspects of life! And we do. May God bless you with a wonderful year for you, your family, and friends as well! 🙂

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      • swajithkas says:

        Hi, thanks for wonderful reply!
        It gives me immense pleasure to find your blog, your entire blog is good, especially, for the lover of language it is indeed worth to read, it inspires all section of society.
        In fact, My entire blog is completely dedicated towards quotations, idioms & proverbs of English language.
        Where I publish various qualitative yet classic quotations, Interesting yet incredible Idioms & popular yet powerful proverbs in the form of long post.
        Your visit will be much more appreciated at my blog.

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      • Oh yeah! We’re definitely coming your way! We love inspiration.

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  2. swajithkas says:

    First of all thanks for following my blog!
    You are most welcome!
    It is my pleasure to welcome such a wonderful person at my blog.
    From today, I too have started to follow your blog.
    Yes, I do understand how much it is satisfying to be in the company of like minded souls!
    I wish by following each other’s blog, we will communicate with each other in more effective & more meaningful way & each step of this journey we will enhance, empower & enrich each other!
    In fact, like you, I too always in search of like minded souls!
    So, it is my open invitation to all!!!!

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