brush your hair correctly to keep it healthy

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yay for NO-‘POO WEEK!! and to make up for yesterday’s lack of no-‘poo posts, here’s your double whammy for today!

the correct way to brush your hair (avoid common damaging mistakes you could be making)

i have TWO ways to safely brush your hair while no-‘poo (and even if you’re not a no-‘poo-er, your hair will thank you tremendously for using these techniques instead of your typical hair brush. aka, EVERYONE should follow this, no matter what your hair care routine is currently!!).

even with these 2, remember to:

  • NEVER brush your hair while wet! always brush hair while dry
  • NEVER detangle from the top down. always brush out tangles by starting at the bottom and working your way up.
  • don’t brush your hair multiple times a day. that puts unnecessary strain on it. once a day or every few days is plenty, especially with a natural bristle brush. sometimes i brush my hair every week, sometimes every 3 days. and i usually get tangles…

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