Unwrap Me God!

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Spreading God's Love One heart at a Time

“Unwrap me God!!!” These are the words that the body of Christ should be crying out to God. Ask Him to unwrap you. Ask Him to receive your prayers and your praise. When we become wrapped up into the world we become distracted from all of the wonderful things of that He’s done for us. “Unwrap me God!” Ask God to unwrap you of your addictions, guilt, depression, and any other thing that does not reflect Him. Your gift, your offering, your praise and worship are the components for surrendering. Ahhh, you know I’m all about surrendering. You knew it was coming. When you ask God to unwrap you, you are giving yourself back to Him. He wants you. Tell Him to use you, you are the only vessel that can do the things He wants you to do, say the things He wants you to say, and…

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About beagirllikeme

Be A Girl Like Me! Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Christian and multicultural non-profit organization that sheds a positive light upon what girls should strive to be. Our goals are to provide not only girls but everyone with the proper motivational resources to succeed in all areas of life. While promoting great health and education, we want to shape and mold girls into what they should strive to be like. We would like for the girls to see not only the beauty of what God has provided us on Earth, but the beauty within themselves as well. You can email us with any questions, stories, or suggestions at BeAGirlLikeMe@gmail.com .
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