To All of Our Veterans….

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To all of our veterans, thank you for the countless seconds, hours, days, and years you’ve spent away from your precious families to help this country everyday.

We understand that it is not easy. The precious memories, holidays, time, and effort you’ve given for us to wake up and walk freely.

You are amazing and your families are amazing.

We love you and thank you for all that you do. May God bless each and every veteran and current soldier tremendously. We are praying for you and your families!

You Betta Strut Girl!

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There are a lot of times that I catch myself slumping in my chair or walking hunched over when I’m in a rush or have different things to do. I’m sure you may find yourself doing these things as well. The one that we always forget as girls is how awesome we are!

Yes I said it. We are so freakin’ awesome!!! We are all God’s proud and wonderful creations. He took out the time to create each and everyone of us (boy and girl) for this earth. Our hair, nails, skin, etc. are all the wonderful things that make us who we are. You have curly hair for a reason. You have the complexion you have for a reason. Your teeth look just as great as those in the magazines. You have an awesome smile. No, your feet are beautiful. And your hair color brings out the beauty in your eyes.

You are awesome!

You are amazing!



REALTALK: Sheltering Parents!!

You most likely found this blog by searching something in relation to strict parents, growing up sheltered, etc. Well you’ve most definitely come to the right place because we are here to help you.

Please watch our video above discussing the signs of having a sheltered life/parents and then come back here to read our blog.

Your Side

When you grow up sheltered, it’s as if your parents raise you in a box. Mundane things like having slumber parties, going to the mall with your friends, and going to parties are things that you can’t do. It’s not anything major as to why. It’s just that your parents don’t allow or don’t want you to do it because of safety reasons, past experiences, etc.

For instance, if your family is new to a town or state, they will most likely shelter you from different adventures with your new school pals and slumber parties. It’s not because they don’t like it, it’s just that they are EXTRA cautious especially living in today’s world. But at the end of the day, this is perfectly normal to be a cautious parent. On the other hand, there is a difference between being extra cautious and overbearing. In this case, sheltering parents can be overbearing.

“Who are texting?  No, you can’t ride with them. I will pick you up. Folks are scary now days. I would be scared to do that!” All of these are a few of the many phrases that are heard when your parents shelter you. The problem is that they don’t realize that they are inserting fear in their children. Having older parents for instance, is a major reason why so many teens and young adults are so fearful to move forward with their life. You don’t trust yourself. You’re not used to making your own decisions. And those thoughts, phrases, and memories hold you back during that crucial transition into adulthood. Like said before, this is perfectly normal for your parents to worry it’ s just the matter of realizing what they’re doing.

Majority of them do not realize that they are causing more harm than good over time. The child grows up fearing everything that comes their way and that’s not good. Sheltering parents need to understand that they need to eventually let go. It’s part of being a parent.

Their Side

If you do have sheltering parents, please understand that it’s not easy for them. They have their own reasons for the caution they are taking. So it’s important to keep that in mind if/when they say no to you multiple times.

Take out some time to talk to your parents and hear some of their stories and experiences. Let them know how you feel in a calm way. Communicate how you feel after listening to their stories. This is the best time to do it so they can have a better understanding of what you’re going through. Telling them while they’re rushing to work after you just asked if you could go to a party is not the right time. Choose a good Friday or Saturday morning to go to your favorite coffee shop. Do something different. Since you’re growing up, they will appreciate this time with your regardless. They want to hold on to you as long as they can so give them a little time to do so.

Also, don’t be afraid to talk to them because this will be the first of many more discussions you will have with your parents. College life, bills, relationships, marriage, children, etc. are only a few of the many discussions that you will have to sit down and voice what you want to do and tell them how you feel about the situation. It may seem awkward at first but the more you talk, the more comfortable you will feel. Also if you have a lot of siblings, feel free to involve them if you feel comfortable, but try not to team up against your parents.

Show your parents that you are a mature young adult in need of a little space, elbow room, FREEDOM! Start bridging the gap to earn your parents’ trust. That’s the main thing you are aiming for, their trust. But best believe that if you lose it, it will be super hard to gain back. So if they do give you your space, take that into consideration when you make decisions to go and do different things with your friends. It’s okay to have fun. It’s a different story to make life changing mistakes that can have you injured, with a criminal record, or worse.

Yes, they will say no to parties and different adventures. Aim to be understanding of how and what they decide because one day, you might be in their shoes!

Finally, please remember that you are their child. They want the absolute best for you! They want you safe, happy, and healthy. You might not realize this, but that’s all that matters.

How You Can Help B.A.G.L.M. Inc. This X-mas

Be A Girl Like Me! Inc wish list

Thanksgiving is around the corner and so is Christmas! So, we are getting ready for our second annual Christmas Community Project. Below is a list of the items we collect to make goodie bags for local children in need. This year, we would like to combine care packages with the goodie bags. The average income for the parents of these children is less than $12,000 a year. We want to ensure that these children get what they need as well as items to bring joy to their precious faces. Last year, we made 130 goodie bags for children in the West and Middle Georgia area in addition to two more community projects. We did three projects in celebration of three years of service last year.

This year we are aiming to make approximately 150 goodie bags to go to the Columbus Dream Center and Hope Harbour. We want exceed last year’s goal so that’s why we are aiming for 150 bags.

There are three ways you can give to our Christmas Community Project. You can either send them to our PO Box, P.O. Box 373 Box Springs, Ga. 31801 or bring the items to the Unity with Pam Christmas show that will be held at Columbus Hospice (more info about that event coming soon). Also if you are in one of our surrounding areas of Columbus, Macon, or Warner Robins, Ga. or Phenix City or Opelika, Al. feel free to email us at for pick up.

We would like to have the donations by December 13th! That will give us enough time to package them. All donations are tax deductible. So let’s ensure that our kids have a Merry B.A.G.L.M. Christmas!! #BeAGirlLikeMe #CommunityProject #Christmas

Simple & Natural Nail Care Routine

Things You Need:

Nail file

Fingernail polish remover

Nail clipper

Water/or wash your hands when you need the water

Cotton balls


Today I would like to give you some of my favorite simple but natural nail care tips. These tips will not only keep your nails looking good but healthy as well. So let’s get started!

First, I recommend getting a manicure at your favorite nail salon at least twice a year preferably every six months. This allows for your nails to have the proper care it needs. It also helps to have a professional look just as if a dermatologist looks at your face. This routine will keep your nails healthy and looking great. Finally, nail techs can give you tips and advice when it comes to taking care of your nails or acknowledging if there’s a health issue showing through your nails. So yes this is my first and most important recommendation.

Second, I like to file my nails in a round shaped form. My nails not only grow in a beautiful shape,  but they also grow longer and stay longer because of the lack of snags and chipped nails. I usually like to start filing them in this shape while they are shorter so they take form as they grow out.

Third, sometimes I use a spray bottle to wet my nails, but mostly I utilize the time in the shower when my nails are soaked to scrape some of the extra cuticle layer away. I only scrape the amount that stretches out into the nail. I lightly use one of my fingernails to scrape the corners to get rid of the white wax.

CAUTION: Be careful with this step because you can damage your cuticles. The main purpose of your cuticle is to protect your nails and inner nail components/tissue from outside germs. So please exercise caution with this step to prevent bleeding or damage to your nail. Also this is a step you can skip if you don’t feel comfortable and just leave it to the nail techs.

Fourth, I like to take my nail polish remover and remove old nail polish from before. Sometimes, I still do this even if you don’t have fingernail polish since the remover I like to use states that it helps to strengthen the nails. I also like how it cleans your nails before polishing.

Fifth, I use my nail clipper to get ride of those hangnails. Try not to get to close to the skin this can also cause bleeding and soreness as well. Hangnails don’t look that great when it comes to striving for a professional look.

Finally, I try to pace myself as I begin painting my nails. I like to start doing elongated, thin strokes. I especially like to use metallic colors because they last longer and have more of a natural shine than regular colors. I only use two coats of polish to prevent bubbles and chipping.

I hope you these tips are tips that you can adopt as your own. Feel free to subscribe to both our YouTube channel and this blog. BTW if you don’t have a WordPress account, you can sign up via your email address.